Select a Telegram channel name

The choice of title depends on whether you have an audience on other sites and what topic you are writing about.

If there is an audience on other sites, name the channel the same as there. For example, link telegram viral or use the same nicknames for your Instagram account and Telegram channel. Then your subscribers from other social networks will quickly find you in the messenger.

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If you’re posting on a specific topic, give the channel a relevant title. You publish vacancies of different companies – call it “Job Search”. Talk about editing – call it “Editing” and so on. Use the main keyword and remember that you will be competing with other similar channels in the SERPs: try to stand out in some way. For example, use emoji or special characters directly in the title.

Sculpting 3-4 emoticons into the channel name is not necessary. If you really want to use them, choose one: this way the name will look neat. In most cases, channels do without emoji at all, and this does not affect their promotion in any way.

There is a nuance in this method of promotion – the search in Telegram is still unstable. And the issuance of the same request for different users may differ. Not everyone who searches for channels in your niche will see you.