Reddit vs Clubhouse. Clubhouse style auditoriums

Reddit is also working on Clubhouse-style audio rooms. Voice chats are invading the Internet, and the rapid rise of clubhouses in the iOS world is partly to blame.

While many other platforms have already worked on similar solutions with a voice as the main character, they all decided to speed up development, fearing that Clubhouse would take the whole pie, and it seems that Reddit was one of them.

Without such disclosure, Reddit is creating a new feature that will allow for moderated voice chats, although at the moment this is just an announcement made by a source familiar with the company’s plan. Development is still in its early stages and has been described as confidential.

These Reddit audios could be part of the Reddit booster program announced in August 2020, a project that will launch additional features for some eligible subreddits. Among these features, we may have the ability to download and stream videos in HD quality, or put certain GIFs in comments, features that may be paid features for community managers.

Having voice chat in communities of thousands of users (in some cases millions) can help change the business model of many creators, although it will take very sophisticated and intelligent tools to be able to manage the experience in a controlled way. If moderating a room for 50 people is already a huge job, imagine that 30,000 people raise their hands at the same time because they want to participate in the conversation.