Choosing platforms for promotion

Matching what is available and what is desired
You already have a wish list and link telegram viral: audience, methods, budget. Having decided on the most interesting implementation, you can proceed to the choice of site.

For example, without creating your own community, you should immediately exclude Instagram, in the records of which only links to the account can be active. Of course, if the goal is not to increase awareness, but sales.

Contact a social media specialist to find out which sites will best meet your requirements and opportunities.

Where to find your audience
It’s no secret that each social network has its own unique format, is loved by users for some specific features and solves a limited set of tasks.

Runet is replete with publications on the topic of which social network you can find this or that segment, and how to promote services in social networks of a certain format. We will not go into details, but we urge you to look at the arguments given in them through the prism of skepticism and common sense. And, of course, pay attention to the release date of the material.

Product Type Orientation
It is very important to understand exactly how your product or service is being sold, i.e. at what time, to what person, on what platform, in what format advertising can be shown.

Promotion of services in social networks occurs according to the scheme of promotion of any other product. To begin with, you need to carefully consider three main questions: what goals do I want to achieve, for how long, and how much I am willing to invest in it. All other work builds on these answers and depends entirely on them. After a thorough assessment of the situation, it remains only to choose the most optimal way of SMM promotion in social networks based on your goals and capabilities, and bring it to life.